Prime Finance

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“Promoting financial stability, Ensuring longterm sustainability”

Prime Finance started its journey in the year 1996 backed by some leading corporate houses and individual entrepreneurs in the country. Since inception, among others the focus was on the diversity of business which was found as main strength of Prime Finance. Its growth strategy was aimed at increasing income through diversification of operations and broadening the service offered to the customers. The Company has a well diversified asset base and investment portfolio and the asset quality has been improving every year. The diversification of the earnings stream has also been increasing consistently. This year the main focus of the management was for “promoting financial stability, ensuring longterm sustainability”.


Contribution to National Economy

Prime Finance & Investment Limited as corporate participant, recognizing that we have certain responsibilities to the development of the society and the country as a whole. We aspire to be known as an institution that builds enduring relationship with and delivers value for our clients, shareholders, employees and the community where we work.